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unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Farman Services Ltd. is your local Alberta corporation, providing facility management solutions and ground maintenance services to commercial properties in Central & Southern Alberta.

Led by a team of highly qualified professionals with over 15 years of diverse experience in Canadian as well as international markets, providing services to the facility management industry. Our employees bring years of relevant work experience and strong work ethics to the table and excel in delivering results in a timely manner.

We diligently follow a client-first strategy and truly believe that you, the clients are at the heart of all our services and efforts. Regardless of the scope of the project we undertake, we aim to excel and provide an outstanding experience for all our clients. We are not in the market for sales, we build relationships!



Asphalt Services

Asphalt Services

Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services

Pothole Repair

Pothole Repair

our core competencies

At Farman Services Ltd. we pride ourselves on our values of Integrity, Reliability and Excellence.

Our values define our workplace culture and our ethical approach to service delivery. With a strong commitment to safety, our teams are well-trained and work cohesively in a result oriented, safe manner.

We deliver quality and timely results with a safety orientation and look for ways to go beyond the scope of our work.

We ensure reliable support by conducting regular site checks, practising preventive maintenance and responding to service calls with a same day priority.

We work with our clients to understand expectations and keep open communication throughout the work tenure to ensure we can exceed these expectations.

We aim to excel and provide an outstanding experience for all our clients. We are not in the market for sales, we build relationships!

That’s why we can proudly say, “We got your back!”

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Orientation

Industry Certification

Open Communication

Our Process

Committed to exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional
experience to all our valued clients.

Responsive Service

We work together with our clients to ensure a safe and responsive working environment. We are extremely responsive to service calls and welcome feedback and are always open to suggestions to improve work processes.

Preventive Maintenance

We work together with our clients to ensure minor issues are dealt with to prevent problems and possible hazards are identified and effectively eliminated or controlled.

Resource Conservation

We are committed to best practices in environmental sustainability and reduction of energy consumption, gas emissions and the overall carbon footprint of the business. Encourage reuse, recycling, and disposal of other wastes that can not be avoided in a responsible manner.

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A deep commitment to our

Employees, Stakeholders, Community & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Farman Services Limited recognizes the importance of safety, health, and environment management to the success of the organization. Our management, employees and all team members are vital to the delivery of high-quality products and services to our clients. To this end we are committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, simultaneously acknowledging our responsibility for the protection of the environment.

We are diligently committed to the safety of all stakeholders including our teams, clients, community, and the environment.


At Farman Services Ltd. we look for innovative measures to protect the environment, conserve resources and improve productivity and efficiency.We work to reduce waste and focus on reuse and recycling. We try to use environmentally friendly products and materials and reduce emissions through well maintained equipment.
Our work processes are designed to be efficient and help our workers focus on results while following due process and we conduct a lot of on-job training for that purpose.
We add value to all the properties that we support by identifying and implementing preventive maintenance measures beyond the scope of our work.

Industry Safety Certifications & Training