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Farman Services Ltd.

Farman Services Ltd. is your local facility management solutions company, run by a team of highly qualified professionals with over 15 years of diverse experience in Canadian as well as international markets. Farman Services was founded on and maintains its values of integrity, reliability and excellence.

We diligently follow a client first strategy and truly believe that you, the clients, are at the heart of all our services and efforts. We cater to a large variety of services, striving to provide solutions to all facility management problems under one roof.

Whether you are looking for seasonal services, lawn maintenance, asphalt repairs, lot maintenance etc. our team is ready to fulfill your needs. We aim to create a brand well known for reliable and trusted service.

We have a policy of monitoring our client’s properties on regular monthly bases to ensure proper maintenance and trouble shooting of any issues even out of our scope of service!

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Currently Serving Govt. of Alberta

Complyworks Compliant





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